Spruce Low-Power Nanosecond UV Lasers
  • • Stable output of power and pulse width

    • Excellent beam quality, M²<1.2

    • High beam pointing stability

    • Wide repetition rate range:20-200kHz

    • Controllable with RS232 interface

    • Unique Intracavity frequency doubling technology.

    • Triggerable external

  Spruce-355-3 Spruce-355-5
Wavelength 355nm 355nm
Output Power >3W@40kHz >5W@40kHz
Repetition Rates 20kHz-200kHz 20kHz-200kHz
Pulse Width <20ns@40kHz <20ns@40kHz
Power Stability ≤3%rms ≤3%rms
Pulse-to-pulse Stability ≤3%rms ≤3%rms
Spatial Mode TEM00(M2≤1.2) TEM00(M2≤1.2)
Beam Diameter ≤10mm  ≤10(mmm
Beam Divergence ≤2mrad ≤2mrad
Beam-pointing Stability <25μrad <25μrad
Beam Roundness ≥90% ≥90%
Polarization Ratio Horizontal, >100:1 Horizontal, >100:1
Working Material Nd:YVO4 Nd:YVO4
Start Time <15min <15min
Ambient Temperature 10-35℃ 10-35℃
Humidity <65% <65%
Cooling Water Water
Voltage 110/220V,50/60Hz 110/220V,50/60Hz
Power Consumption 500W 600W
Classification Class 4 Class 4
Laser Head Size 506×185×84 mm3 506×185×84 mm3
Power Supply Model S-500B S-500B
Power Supply Size 486×411.5×88.9 mm3 486×411.5×88.9 mm3

Huaray-Spruce Low Power UV DPSS Lasers (3W/5W) is featured with compact structure design ensuring great performance and beam transmission. Especially, in mass production, still can keep very high stability and reliability, which can satisfy all kinds of industrial manufacturing even in harsh working condition.
This laser is low maintenance and easy to integrate with other equipment, can save a lot of time, money and energy.


They are widely used in 3C industry marking, white plastic and electrical enclosure tag marking. Processing on the fly in food, medical packing and various package material, removal of metal and non-metal coating, scribing for various materials, blind slot processing, as well as new ultra-thin metal foil and other microprocessing.