Spruce Low-Power 35Watt Nanosecond Green Lasers
  • • Stable output of power and pulse width

    • Excellent beam quality, M²<1.2

    • High beam pointing stability

    • Wide repetition rate range:20-200kHz

    • Controllable with RS232 interface

    • Unique Intracavity frequency doubling technology.

    • Triggerable external

Wavelength 532nm
Output Power >35W@60kHz
Repetition Rates 50kHz-200kHz
Pulse Width <20ns@60kHz
Power Stability ≤3%rms
Pulse-to-pulse Stability ≤3%rms
Spatial Mode TEM00(M2≤1.2)
Beam Diameter ≤2mm
Beam Divergence ≤2mrad
Beam-pointing Stability <25μrad
Beam Roundness ≥90%
Polarization Ratio Vertical, >100:1
Working Material Nd:YVO4
Start Time <15min
Ambient Temperature 10-35℃
Humidity <65%
Cooling Water
Voltage 110/220V,50/60Hz
Power Consumption 800W
Classification Class 4
Laser Head Size 636×252×81.5 mm3
Power Supply Model S-800B
Power Supply Size 486×411.5×88.9 mm3

Huaray-Spruce Mid-Power Nanosecond Green DPSS Lasers (35W) especially designed for industrial micro-machining field with high-quality laser beam, have the best reliability in industrial field of 24/7, which is suitable for industrial manufacturing environment. Meanwhile, they are characterized by long lifetime, shortest average maintenance time and low usage cost.


The products are mainly used in FPC/PCB cutting, ceramic drilling dicing, glass/wafer cutting, applications of electronic packaging separated monomer; microporous production of material specific metal; clear the surface of the film, amorphous silicon thin film solar panels coated dash, etc., and is suitable for most metal and non-metallic surface machining or processing of the plated layer.